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18 - 30 Years (approx)

Working on the basis that prevention is better than cure, some ladies like to consider the use of wrinkle relaxing therapy at an early stage, to relax muscles preventing wrinkles developing above them. Typical areas for this are 'crows feet' and forehead areas. We are happy to have the discussion around what is best on an individual basis. Treatment will only be offered following a full discussion of the benefits and risks involved when treating young skin.
Woman 20-30 years

40-50 Years (approx)

Over time, areas around the forehead, eyes and mouth can all appear 'tired' and aged. Any or all of these areas can be refreshed with wrinkle relaxing therapy treatment. Deeper lines may benefit from application of dermal filler to rejuvenate the area providing a more youthful look.
Woman 40-50 years

60 + Years

More mature skin can develop some sagging alongside deeper lines and wrinkles over the forehead, eye, lips and 'smile' lines. These areas can all benefit from wrinkle relaxing therapy treatment with fillers also providing benefit in areas which are of concern.
Woman 60 years
With the number of men requesting skin rejuvenation treatments increasing we welcome your enquiry and would be happy to discuss your concerns.
Typically in men (as per the picture) forehead and frown lines become more prominent over time. Laughter lines and crows feet are also areas which gentlemen wish to rejuvinate. These are areas which can all be addressed and we would be happy to offer you an assessment with appropriate treatment.